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Not only that, but they have to plan out every single little detail of their life. A Sagittarius does not and will not do that. They ' re spontaneous as it gets, so this couple won ' t last. Sweet and nurturing, a Pisces is a fairly sensitive sign.

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They just care so much about everyone in their life, that they let their emotions get the best of them. A Sagittarius, on the other hand, isn ' t the best at expressing their emotions.

Through the Signs

They also tend to be a little bit harsh and frank in the way they talk, which is something a Pisces will find hurtful. In relationships, Pisces can also be fairly clingy.

This isn ' t something a Sagittarius likes, seeing as they ' re all about being the most independent zodiac sign around. A true romantic, Taurus loves being in love. It ' s very rare that they ' re single. And if they are, it won ' t be for long. They may not mind getting their hands dirty, but they ' d much rather be living the most lavish of lifestyles they can. This is nothing a Sagittarius is about. They ' re not drawn to the material world at all, rather choosing to spend their money and time on experiences.

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Plus, they ' ll find Taurus a little too relationship-driven for their liking. Again, a Sagittarius needs their freedom and won ' t jeopardize that for anyone. While you live in a world of total honesty and openness, Scorpio surrounds himself in secrets and mystery. This may not be your ideal relationship. This relationship is fun, fun, fun!

The two of your will go hand in hand from one adventure to the next, as you continually look for ways to keep things fresh and exciting. This is true for your sex life as well, where nothing is off limits and anything goes. When Sagittarius the idealist meets the realist Capricorn man , it will be like night meeting day.

What Is the Best Match for a Sagittarius?

This relationship can go either way, depending on your willingness to meet each other halfway. Your optimistic ways can enlighten the Goat and his pessimism. In the bedroom, you both find yourselves motivated to strike the balance this relationship needs. Though not the warmest couple in the zodiac, in the bedroom it would be wise to take cover, lover. Sparks fly, lightning strikes and you are electric under the sheets with an Aquarius man. This may not be your most intimate relationship, but you will enjoy the ride as you and the Water-bearer both need independence as much as you seek excitement.

The Pisces man may be too sensitive and needy for the Archer, but you both have the ability to work beyond boundaries. Though you two may be more than scorching hot in the bedroom, the rest of the relationship will need a little patience. Only time will tell if you want to keep this fish or throw him back into the water. Knowing how you interact with other Sun signs is just the beginning. Speaking with an experienced psychic can further your search for true happiness and put you on the path to finding love. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles. Life Questions.

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