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The big-headed lion fears being rejected because it takes them a long time to soothe their egos. You might even have to pay the price for their past heartbreaks when they act out the way they've been rejected in the past. Virgos are not great at dumping people. Virgo is at their best when they own their emotions and stop believing life and love is supposed to be a drag. Signs that a Libra is over you? If you have done something wrong, you can expect a very decisive dumping from a Libra.

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A mature Libra who knows themselves will dump you firmly after having tried everything in their power to make things work. Scorpios have a bad reputation, but these little exoskeletal sweethearts are usually empathetic people: They know a lot about heartbreak, so unless you royally screwed them over, you can expect a thoughtful note and some closure when it comes time to break up. A Sagittarius in love can be obnoxious.

A Sagittarius out of love? Also obnoxious. At their worst, Sagittarius will send novel-length texts about how embarrassed, disappointed, or frustrated they are by you. In fact, having any emotions and expressing them to a Sagittarius will leave them fuming.

Cancer Weekly Astrology Forecast 13th February 2017

Capricorn can be a real snob when they lose respect for someone! Another sign that things are heading downhill with your Capricorn is that your relationship becomes very transactional: If they paid for drinks, they get real uptight about you paying for the cab.

Zodiac Signs That Should Never Date Each Other

Unevolved Capricorns will string you along to use you for their benefit and then cut you off after they get what they want. What's in the stars for you in February? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Alcohol can also be a problem for them, especially if they use it to cover some perceived inadequacy in their personality. At some point, most undertake a serious health regimen but their commitment is unlikely to last.

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With their dazzling personality, February 13 people seem to have stepped out of an endless party. Yet they do possess a serious side.

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They thrive in jobs that give them a forum for their personal appeal. Although they give the impression of being unstable, they have a talent for handling money. February 13 men and women have an unconventional view of worldly success. Their goals may be unusual but can be achieved with determination and focus. They don't generally put all their ambition into career aims, preferring to indulge the personal side of life. They are happiest when their relationships are successful. Jill M.

February 13 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

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