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Part of it is irresponsible lending. But the real problem which could lead to banks going bust and people losing their savings — is the ramping up of debt in schemes of mind-boggling complexity which leveraged the original debt into stratospheric proportions, paying the money men percentages all the way up the line. And it also interlinked all the banks since they laid debt off to each other, so if one goes down the domino effect kicks in. That was there in the crash — gambling borrowed money to make profits on the markets without having to work for it — which does have a fire sign or afflicted Jupiterian feel about it.

These high risk financial debt-offsetting schemes have been around forever, but only grew to prominence with deregulation through the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

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Arguably Pluto just pushed the boat out too far in fiery, risk-taking Sagittarius — snake oil salesmen running amok. Pluto in its negative aspect is highly enmeshed, very secretive, controlling, stops change but eventually gets so constipated it silts up with toxins and self destructs. In its positive aspect Pluto clears away garbage, deconstructs outdated attitudes and systems, reduces old power structures to ashes in preparation for the phoenix to arise. What is scary about the present financial crisis is how interlinked it all is — a few poor folk down Missouri way were lent too much money to buy houses and suddenly every financial market in the world is in a state of nervous collapse.

Capitalism will have a very different face come the middle of the next decade. Thanks, Marjorie, for letting me reprint it here at Astrology Mundo. Earlier this year, I made some grand predictions about how this was going to be the best year ever for Tiger, a Capricorn, because Jupiter was transiting his sign. Well, at least I was right on one count — the family is indeed expanding.

As golf fans know, Tiger has had a less-than-stellar year so far because of leg surgery. One astrologer who got it right was Marjorie Orr. It can mean more children and more homes. Who cares if some if the pyrotechnics at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics were computer-generated? Everyone agrees the Chinese pulled out the stops. But while the world was watching the Olympics in China, Russia and Georgia got into a nasty little war.

I asked Marjorie if she could see any reason for the boomerang of his hit Never Gonna Give You Up , thanks to Internet pranksters. You can read it here.

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This is a huge loss for me personally as well as for the astrological community. In addition to blogging about astrology and her own life at the ElsaElsa Blog, Elsa has been posting snippets and links to astrology blogs around the world on her site all day long.

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I had been living in the dark. It turns out there is a whole world of astrology blogs out there. Elsa has something new practically every few minutes. Elsa, we love you!

Please come back! I was thrilled to see that she was rescued on July 2 in a daring rescue mission.

In Haiti, Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis was forced out of office in a weekend vote by parliament because of food riots in that country. Though you'll be less than co-operative as the month closes. Although one pet project will be on a go-slow which will be frustrating and irritating, on the whole you'll be bouncing along enthusiastically. Your birthday Sun till the 22nd and energetic Mars in your own sign thereafter guarantees you won't be taking life lying down.

You'll be tackling problems head on with a good deal of vigour. You'll also be tempted to overspend by irresistible treats which float under your nose. There will be good luck on the cash front before mid-month which will bring in surplus for the odd indulgence. Mars in your own sign will rev your engine in the final days and you will steamroller over anyone who tries to get in your way or distract you. Just try not to over react or be too uncompromising since it may backfire with one close partner stomping off on their own pursuits.

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Rough edges will be smoothed over after the 26th. A non-stop-go schedule for the first half year means you'll need to manage your time well, get organised and communicate clearly. Too much rushing around can run the risk of messages getting lost or misunderstood.

If you feel cold-shouldered or that your views are not getting the right kind of attention then you'll need to rethink your approach. Don't become discouraged and withdraw.

Be persistent. Close relationships will be moving into a changeable phase where both of you need more elbow room. With tolerance and an appreciation of partner's need for more independence as well as your own, you'll manage well. Though with the pressure of events and pulls on your time and energy, you may not always have a chance for sensible heart-to-heart chats. When you do, you may express yourself a touch too forcefully or be looking too much on the negative. Lighten up and keep your sense of humour handy. If loved ones, especially children, come across as evasive or inaccessible, not there when you need them, or worse try to lean on you, be firm about them standing on their own two feet.

Marjorie Orr On Bernie Sanders

After mid year you'll want to shrug off restrictions and fly higher, allowing your imagination and sense of vision to point your way ahead. You'll find more stimulation and adventure and be broadening your horizons with determination. August will be a month to flaunt your talents and push ambitions ahead vigorously. Money should roll in faster all year though it'll probably disappear as fast since you're likely to be spending happily.