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Has the world conspired against you? Your partner withdraws or does things you dislike. They are just as vulnerable as you are, but perhaps they are a little more defensive or more aggressive than you are. With Mars in Libra, you are challenged to take action, not just wait and see and then react. But it may also be that you cannot prevent yourself from doing something brave, and that you have trouble controlling your actions.

Something slips out now, because it has to be. This is also indicated by Mars opposite Chiron, with which you suddenly stab into a wound, although perhaps you only meant well. The subconscious controls us more than we think. Can you still wish for something else nice in time? You can also do it afterwards to soften a situation. Sometimes extreme experiences also provide the motivation for major changes, which we were not prepared to make before because we were too safety-oriented.

Mars in Libra encourages entrepreneurial action, and that requires a large portion of courage. Venus reaches Scorpio on Tuesday and promotes good contacts as does Mars. Sometimes the partner is your salvation when you once again sink into negative thoughts and find the world desolate. Basically, however, the partner with their contradiction nourishes your hopes which you keep in some hidden treasure chest so that they do not get lost completely.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

No one can live without hope. You will probably not be alone for long, because both Mercury and Venus in opposition to Uranus indicate unexpected contacts. You need your fellow humans more than you think, even as negative examples. As long as you can get excited about someone, you feel right. But if that person makes intelligent arguments, they can shake your self-esteem Venus-Uranus. You can guard against this by appreciating yourself. You have probably already practiced this and have already failed. If the subject now reappears, you can consider it a litmus test. How much do you let other people get you upset?

What about your tendency to look for mistakes in other people? What about your tendency to look for mistakes in yourself? How do you get out of such thinking patterns? You cannot suppress the desire for relationship and connectedness, and that would be unhealthy in the long run. You could now make an effort and make new contact - but it could just as well be that someone will beat you to it and surprise you by making contact.

You are not as stand-offish inside as you pretend to be. There is a danger of self-injury Mars-Chiron, Sun-Saturn, Mercury-Uranus or a boomerang effect if you put your foot down or make a decision to gain an advantage.

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Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn make you stronger, but also repeatedly push you to your own limits. This week you will feel the limits clearly and want to break them. But you notice that you cannot decide everything on your own. The Sun and Mars in Libra are geared towards partnerships. Uranus stands for sharing and teamwork, and in the first days of the week the Moon is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus.

If someone is suffering, they will now find ways to become active, but have to be careful not to score an own goal. Venus in Scorpio awakens feelings of jealousy that you have successfully suppressed to the end. If you have been too withdrawn lately, you will be uncomfortable now. But perhaps you prepared yourself last week and planned this step well.

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Then especially your fellow humans will be surprised. Either way, something is initiated on Monday Aquarius Moon , which contributes to the fact that the Aries Full Moon can present a success at the weekend. The unconventional is emphasized this week Venus-Uranus also shows it on Saturday , so that you as an Aquarian have it easy because your special nature corresponds to the zeitgeist. On Thursday and Friday you struggle with disorientation or with a visible weakness. Then a friend can become your savior. In this situation you would be able to recognize a bad friend well.

Give the friend a little time, maybe they will not understand so quickly what to do.

Capricorn Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope August 26-September 2 2019

This was announced last week and should now be taken seriously. Power games do not have to be destructive, but should be - Venus!

Key Dates:

Can the partner deal with your desires? You just have to ask Mercury-Uranus and then you will see how far you can go as a couple. With the Aries Full Moon in tension with Pluto you have to integrate power themes. But the planets in Libra show the same when one after the other they move into tension to Saturn and Pluto. That there are attempts to correct the imbalance can now be seen with Mercury-Uranus and Mars-Chiron. This is a turbulent and moving week, and it ends with the Aries Full Moon in tension with Pluto, as if everything had to be summed up again on Sunday.

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

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