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They are able to develop excellent plans, organize and direct people. For the carriers of Number 28 it is easy to cope with the difficulties and achieve their goals.


People of this Number have an excellent business skills, they evaluate their success as a set of financial accomplishments and wealth. They are extreme in everything they start.

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Assertive, energetic, ambitious and determined. In relations with other people and in achieving their own goals, they are straight and persistent. Despite the desire for independence, they usually easily find their place in the team.

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They like to assert their individuality in a strong team of associates. Usually people with Number 28 are competent in their field and are respected by others. They appreciate the serenity and comfort, especially at home. Many of them are self-sufficient and arrogant, tend to rule. They like to overcome life's difficulties.

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In an effort to implement their own ideas, can be stubborn and rigid. They need to identify their priorities in life, real responsibilities, and organize their life to achieve the main goals. These people are very interesting, intelligent and sensitive.

They are also very responsive to the environment and have a good imagination. They can become good artists. They are also very ambitious. In matters of heart and friendship people born with Number 28 are loyal and friendly.

They do not impose themselves to anyone. They do not dominate, but are well aware of what they want. They are soft and gentle, and usually it is easy for them to convince others. Add all the numbers of the date of birth and you'll get your Numerology Number. Below are the numbers and traits they represent:. Calculate your birth details, find your numerology birth number and get numerology readings now!

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