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The question of whether or not one can get pregnant is, both medically and astrologically, a lot more complicated. If you want a baby but are having trouble, by all means see a doctor first and foremost about this. One also has to look at:.

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Not surprisingly, baby-making astrology follows many of the same rules when it comes to another ancient endeavor astrologers were called in for: timing the planting and growing crops. Having said that: c an astrology actually help with the timing of when to get pregnant? Why not drop by my blog next time and discover the startling answer?

Questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general? Want to know more about my big discount on readings for new clients? Mesh, scorpio — can have problem in conceiving. Gemini — virgo — can give possibility of twins as they are a dual sign. Makar — kumbh — gives less possibility of having children.

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Shalini Ji. Smredhi Ji. Price Q1. Marriage Career Health Money Q1. When will I get married? I am confuse regarding Manglik. Clarify on the status. Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage? Long time in Love, Shall I go for Marriage. Manglik Dosh analysis for girl and boy. How will be our marriage compatibility.

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Long time in love. Shall I go for marriage. How will be our Longevity of marriage.

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Which is best suitable career choice for me? Should I go for Business or Job. I am working hard but getting no result? So, the mother is suggested to eat more alkalescent food or those contains much sodium and potassium to raise the chance of getting a boy. Common Alkalescent food include vegetables like tomato, potato, carrot, cabbage, onion, mushroom, spinach, cucumber, lettuce On the contrary, the father should eat more acidic foods include egg yolk, cheese, pastry, pasta, cakes made from refined white sugar, rice, fish like tuna, flat fish, carp You'd better eat proper food at least one month before conception.

Mother-to-be: More High-calorie Food Some British scientists have made a survey and found those women who like to eat high-calorie food in daily life before getting pregnant mostly give birth to a boy at last. While, those are on a low-calorie diet are mostly get a baby girl. Try more high-calorie food may take effect. Mother-to-be: More Salty Food Scientists in South Africa who have also made some research and found that the females eating more salty food and lean meat before pregnancy are much more likely to get baby boys than those liking to eat chocolates.

Mother-to-be: More Cereal for Breakfast The study also shows the odds of a male baby go up sharply for women who like to eat cereal for breakfast compared with those who eat less.

So, insist on having cereal for your breakfast before pregnancy. The chances of getting pregnant with baby boys will be high. It is said that temperature could decide the baby's gender. A baby boy is easy to be created in the high - temperature environment and a girl in the low temperature. This is because the high temperature will affect the X-bearing chromosome and make Y-bearing chromosome more active. On the other hand, the low temperature is more favorable for the X-bearing chromosome and easy to make genetic make-up "XX". So, if you conceive during the summer time, you would have more chances to get a boy.

In winter, you are more likely to have a girl. Although there is no enough scientific evidence to show it's authentic, it can be a reference. Through the year-old Chinese baby gender chart, you could find out which dates having more odds to get a boy for you.

ylconmortfibsy.ml So, we have made this Baby gender selection tool for you to check out the dates very easily. Just select your birthday in Gregorian calendar, the year you plan to get pregnant and baby boy, the calendar will show you the suggested conceiving time for boy in Gregorian calendar. A high sperm count would increase the chance to get a boy.